Wednesday, 16 May 2012

QUESTION: Write your opinion on having career as a hotelier.

According Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2005), hotelier will be defined as a person who owns or manages a hotel. We will thinks that hotelier is a person who responsible in the management of the hotel operation itself. The people that contribute in order to managed a hotel business start from the top level management until department manager. The other thing that we should know before giving an opinion on having career as a hotelier, we must have the knowledge and information about the hotel business. What is the hotel business all about? Hotel business is many things that contribute to the service that deliver to the guest. All employees in a hotel provide service to the guest such as front desks, maids, chefs, bartenders and others.

            From my opinion, having career as a hotelier have their pros and contras itself. It depends on the individual itself on how his or her desire in their satisfaction of works. Some people would like to work in the challenging job. Therefore they are willing to works in the hotel business. This is because hotel business is one of challenging industry. In order to be a good hotelier, the person should have a good attitude, skill, knowledge, experience and other positive behavior as a human. All the positive characteristics are important in order to deal with the guests that have many behavior and want. The guest that comes to our hotel for consumed or experience the service always have higher expectation to the service. So, the hotelier must provide a good service to them in whatever situation that they are facing.

            Other than that, having career as a hotelier also is good in order to gain knowledge and experience about the service, product, management, operation, and how to deal with people, problems, and others. Hotelier also will develop many skills while they are working such as communication skill, inter-personal skill, problem solving skill and other skill that related to the work task. From that, the hotelier will get more knowledge and experience by them. They will get the knowledge because of the problem that happens in the hotel because of guest complaint or dissatisfaction. They must thinks and find the solution to solve the problems that occur. This will help hotelier in the critical thinking process and strategic management process.

            The contras that maybe influence people did not willing to be hotelier is because of the time of working. They cannot work with the working hours those more than eight hours in a day. They also cannot work in the shift working hour. As we know, hotel business is one of the business that operated 24 hours every day and do not be able to close. This business is one types of business that will gain more profit but needs more time to be managing. This reason will affect people in order to choose hotelier as their career in the future.

            Other than that, people may not to work as a hotelier because of the pressure that they will gets from the job task. This career need people work under pressure because as hotelier, they did not know what will happen in the future. They maybe facing with the big problem related to the service, guest, facilities, operation, management, employees and others. The entire problems that occur need them to investigate and try to find the solution. It will make them to thinks critically in order to provide good service and to show good image of their hotel to the guest.

            As a conclusion, if we choose to have a career as a hotelier, we should do as best as we can. This is because we will gain something that will fulfill our satisfaction in doing the right things in our jobs. In order to choose the best career for us, we must choose based on our ambitious and desire. This is important to ensure that we will give a good performance in doing our job done with successful result. 

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