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Meat is generally defined as the muscle of animals, but in a broader sense it also covers the organs and glands obtained from the word meat includes the flesh of poultry and fish. Different of meat have different of composition (muscle, connective and fatty acid tissue bone, pigment and extractives), the various considerations involved in purchasing meat (inspection, grading, tenderness, fresh cut and processed meat). The type, fat, and tenderness of meat depends genetics, age, diet and exercise of animals.

Meat has four types of meat such as beef, veal, lamb and mutton, and pork. Hundreds of breeding lines specially provide cattle as abundant sources of good quality beef. It originates from cattle are classified according to age and gender such as of based from it, steers, bulls, heifers and cows, and calves. Veal is meat from the young calves of beef cattle between ages of three weeks and three months. It allowed in a pasture is called free-range veal and slightly less tender than traditional fed veal. The lamb and mutton, meat based from sheep but it comes with different of age, for instance lamb of meat less than 14 months old and mutton from over 14 months. Mutton is stronger flavor as the mature of animals, darker and tougher than lamb of meat.
The structure of meat is a combination of water, muscle, connective tissue, adipose (fatty) tissue and bone. The main source of animals has at their muscle, which made of collection muscle called as muscle fibers and membrane sarcolemma outer membrane surrounding it muscle. Muscle fibrils important in muscle contraction and relaxation, separated into segments called sarcomeres by dark bands is Z lines. These segments have two of protein contain such as actin (thin) and myosin (thick). Actinomyosin is forming another protein and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) provided for this contraction.

The connective tissue is a part of ligaments and tendons, it also like glue for muscle cells. The other two main types of tissue are elastin and reticulin is small fibers that forms delicate interlace around muscle cells. The meat has more contain of collagen, meat from older animals and elastin which silver skin at the meat can cause the meat become tougher of tenderness. Adipose tissue is simply tissue which at under skin and abnormal cavity for sensitive internal organs. Cover fat at outside the meat can help moisture of meat. Marbling found within muscle of meat and beef which have well-marbled fetches in a higher price.The species, age and diet can affect for meat and other structure of meat include for the texture and color of fat. Bones as landmarks for various meat cuts from a carcass. Marrow found in the bone such as yellow marrow in long bones and red marrow in the spongy center of other bone (many blood vessels).
The processing of meat means has been changed from original fresh cut. The methods of processing meat are curing, smoking, canning and drying. Ham, sausage, bacon, salami and others, it is example products after processing m meat. The curing process used by saturating with salt.When salt and other flavor mixed into meat, it become more flavorful because the osmosis process which the mechanism whereby fluid refuse through cells into the meat , and for equalized increased ion concentration. The Concentration of salt can influence the meat to absorb the water.The commercial technique used curing solution which mechanically pumped or injection into the meat machine lined for increase the meat weight. The high of sodium content can provide this product become flavor, improve texture, increase the protein’s water binding capacity and reduce fluid losses within packaging process.

The processes canned meat through sterilization remain sealed or pasteurization storage at refrigerator as perishable items. The lastly of process methods is used drying process with dryer under specification conditions of humanity and temperature after cooked or smoke the meat.The process to produce ham is need used the hind leg of a hog from pork meat. It can purchase with canned, water-added, country and picnic of ham. The bacon product is from cured and smoked of the side of a hog.

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