Friday, 12 October 2012



There are four types of meats that usually sell in the market which are:

1.       Beef
Most beef is supplied by steers which is male cattle that are castrated while young. So, they will gain weight quickly. Besides that, heifers or females that have not borne calf are also used for meat.

2.       Veal
This type of meat comes from male and female calves of beef cattle and also dairy beef cattle which the age is between of 3 weeks and three months. These animals are fed a milk-based diet and have their movements restricted for a more flavorful and tender meat.

3.       Lamb
This type of meat comes from sheep less than 14 months old. The meat that sold from the older animals is called as mutton.

4.       Pork
Pork also includes in types of meat and it comes from young swine or either gender. Pork also has been bred to be learner and it will become tendered.

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