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There are three general classifications of cakes which are:

Shortened Cakes
·         A cake made with fat.
·         It also called butter or conventional cakes.
·         It usually leavened with baking powder or baking soda.
·         Example of shortened cakes leavened with baking soda or baking powder are standard yellow, plain white, chocolate, spice and fruitcakes.
·         Pound cake is a compact, shortened cake leavened only by air and steam.

     Unshortened Cakes
·         A cake made without added fat.
·         It also known as sponge or foam cakes.
·         This type of cakes is leavened with beaten egg whites.
·         Examples of unshortened cakes are angel food, meringue, sponge, dacquoise, genoise, and roulade.


·         A cake made by combining the characteristics found in both shortened and unshortened cakes.
·         It’s leavened with both baking powder or soda and beaten egg whites.
·         The examples are angel food cakes such as lemon chiffon and chocolate chiffon cakes.

Brown, A. 2008. Understanding Food: Principles & Preparation. 

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