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The average adult’s body weight is 50-60% water. Men generally have proportionally more water than women, and a lean person has more than an obese person.

Functions of water:
*      Water serves as the medium for many metabolic activities and also participates in some metabolic reactions.
*      Water transport nutrient to the cells and carries away waste materials to the kidneys and out of the body.
*      Water is needed for digestion and absorption.
*      Water maintains blood volume.
*      Water helps you maintain normal temperatures by sweating.
*      Water serves as important part of body lubricants.

The adequate intake for total water is based on average water consumption of people who are adequately hydrated. About 80% comes from beverages, including coffee, tea, and cola. The remaining 20% comes water found in foods.

When it is normal and healthy, the body maintains water at a constant level. A number of mechanisms, including the sensation of thirst, operate to keep body water content within certain limits.

Bottled water is regulated by the FDA.

Reference: Drummond, K. E. & Brefere, L. M. (2010). Nutrition for foodservice and culinary professionals. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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